Oil Business-Oil Project

Crude Oil Project

The main trading products of SMG are Ghana's light crude oil. These products are from the West African Gulf of the Gulf of Guinea. The petroleum in Gulf of Guinea has high quality, and there are over 40 types, which belongs to the low-sulfur high-quality petroleum, easy to be extracted and purified to the automotive fuel.

Through continuous quality improvement, check and cost reduction, products with excellent quality and reasonable prices are supplied to domestic and foreign market demands; each batch of goods are strictly inspected when exported, accompanied by government business certificate and SGS inspection to ensure that the quality meets the certain standards.

For the import of gasoline and diesel, oil refining, exchange of oil and other related business, the company has chosen to purchase products with competitive prices and seek to cooperate with integrity manufacturers to supply refined oil for the domestic needs in Ghana. The main task is to stabilize the supply, optimize the process continuously and enhance the competitiveness.

Integrate technical party、funds party of refinery construction and the environmental advantages in Ghana, make a comprehensive plan for the construction of refinery, management of production and marketing, cooperate with government in expanding the process of upstream and downstream products of Ghana crude oil to react to the demand for refined oil in Ghana and nearby countries.