SMG is a specialized team of professionals with background and expertise in mining and oil sectors that have combines their resources and many years of professional and technical experience to build and manage the Company.

Soon Mining Limited’s (SMG) business model is to focus on production of gold and growth of our current assets. We are focused on developing a long-term mining plan to find significant gold resources through exploratory drilling and expand into other natural resources to increase the value of the company, and to acquire projects at low cost that present the potential to prove up significant resources and revenues using our expertise to generate value through development, joint venture or investments.

SMC has been engaged in Ghana, West Africa for many years and is very familiar with the environment of petroleum business in Ghana and the adjacent oil producing countries. With the extensive knowledge of West Africa, team’s network resources and deep-rooted foundation in Asia, SMG’s oil business has the tremendous potential.

For the import of gasoline and diesel, oil refining, exchange of oil and other related business, the company has chosen to purchase products with competitive prices and seek to cooperate with integrity manufacturers. The main task is to stabilize the supply, optimize the process continuously and enhance the competitiveness.

We have a team of highly experienced and qualified experts with a wealth of experience in the gold mining and oil industry. We are focused on value creation with an emphasis on maintaining low costs, increasing production and using capital efficiently.